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Help breathe new life into my room please?

7 years ago

We've been in our home for a long time but the family room has never been quite right. For various reasons it's down to bare bones. I'd like advice for finishing touches please. It is a big room, 19' W x 15' D and is a step down from the kitchen.

I want to replace the rug with a colorful one (with blues and orange accents), add a larger tv and console and figure out what to do with the mantle. That is a headache - it has three panels and has always looked way too formal.

The current arrangement is new but we like it. We've tried facing the seating opposite each other in front of the fireplace which looks great but that doesn't allow for tv - the mantle is too high. The artwork can be moved. also the artwork next to the window will stay but is hung on an existing hook for the time being.

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