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Wintersowing started-Zone 5. (21 jugs so far)

I began my first trial with wintersowing today!

I have 21 jugs so far. I have more jugs and many more seeds, thanks to the seed swap on NGA :) I'll do more in the next couple of months. I have a lot of space to fill (a large hill that I'm trying to turn into a butterfly/bee haven) so I want to plant a lot. Hopefully I'm not overwhelmed with the time it will take to plant all of these come springtime & hopefully I'm not horribly disappointed when none of it sprouts!

I have so far:

-Bachelor Buttons

-Balloon flower

-Canterbury Bells


-Foxgloves (3 varieties)

-Lavender (English & Lady)


-Nigella (3 varieties)

-Sweet William (4 varieties)

-Swiss Chard (Orange & Peppermint)

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