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Help me decide gas range/steam oven VS range top/wall ovens

Arielle R
6 years ago

For my new kitchen, I'm deciding between a 36" Wolf gas range and a steam oven in the wall (maybe Miele).... or 36" range top with two 30" wall ovens: steam/convection on top and convection below (maybe Bosch benchmark). I prefer the look and convenience of the range top and wall ovens, but am concerned about having enough space for large dinners.

We are a family of 5, I cook dinner most nights and host a few big holidays a year. I'm thinking specifically of Thanksgiving and worried about not having space for everything else with a turkey filling up all or most of the large oven.

I want to keep my budget for these cooking appliances around $10,000, give or take. I know that the most logical compromise for space and cost would be to get the range top and double convection ovens, but I was really set on the steam.

Thank you!

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