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Ponytail Palm brown leaves

6 years ago

Hi guys,

I rescued this guy from the curb when someone was moving in October. It had a few dried leaves then, but I read up on care and watered it little (as it was fall turning winter). I've already trimmed off some dead leaves once before, and now here it was today.

(Front, back & upclose)

I trimmed off the dead leaves again and have this:

I realize now after watching a transplanting video that this container must be waaaay too small. I believe it is all roots:

I was also previously under the assumption that a south east window was ok, but perhaps it needs more light than that.

I am in Connecticut, currently end of January. Should I wait until spring to re-pot?

Should I water more often? Every week or 2 vs every 3 or 4 weeks? (I was told basically neglect in winter.) Looking at the pot now, I'm afraid it is retaining zero water.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Lighting, repot or not, watering schedule... anything you've got, send it my way.

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