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Shower Floor Grout Remains Wet Looking

7 years ago


We recently had a new tile shower installed in our master bath. The wall tile was SurfaceArt Amalfi Vein Cut in Bianco size 6x24 and the floor tile was Daltile Uptown Glass UP20 Matte Alabaster Hexagon. The grout used was Polyblend non-sanded in Alabaster for the floor and Polyblend sanded in Bone. The grout was sealed, but the sealer used by the contractor is unknown to me. The pan was covered in RedGuard to waterproof it.

We noticed initially that the area around the drain remained darker in color while the rest of the grout dried after a few hours. The shower then began to leak and the floor had to be pulled up, retiled, and resealed after the leak was identified and resolved. I thought the initial issue with the grout was due to either too much water used during mixing or not waiting long enough prior to the positive to the leak was they would have to redo the floor/grout.

Now that the shower is back together we again are noticing the discoloration in the grout when wet. I understand grout is porous and will change color when wet even if sealed, but my understanding is that it should typically dry and return to normal color within 15 - 20 mins max. I'm okay with the darker color when showering, but we have not showered for 2 days and have been running a fan on the shower floor for the last 18 hours to see if it would dry and the discoloration remains. While it does not appear wet around the drain as in the original install it is now wet looking around the perimeter about 3" out from the wall.

Initial feedback from the contractor is that this is just how the grout might be, but based on my research this is not typical.

From what I've read on here likely causes seem to be 1) either too much water used when mixing the grout or when wiping the grout during install 2) Not allowing the grout to cure long enough before sealing (they waited 36 hours I believe even though I asked for 72 hours), 3) The mortar bed is getting wet due to something such as incorrect slope, weepholes, etc.

My questions here are 1) Am I overreacting and should I just accept this as being normal? 2) If properly sealed how long should grout really take to return to it's dry appearance 3) Any thoughts on the actual cause other than what I listed above?

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