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Recommended trash bins for IKEA Sektion SE BP1D?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We have the IKEA Sektion SE- BP1D going into our kitchen remodel and designers intention was to use it for trash bins.

It is the 15"x24"x30" (WxDxH) version with this lower Maximiera drawer.

It's smaller than ideally we would have liked, but given our space constraints and layout in kitchen, it was the best option while keeping a concealed/slide out option. (The geek in me loves that we are getting the Utrusta Electric Opener installed with it)

We want to put 2 trash bins in there, one for trash and one for recycling.

IKEA Sells this Utrusta trash bin insert, but i'm not sure it's mean for the SE BP1D, but even if it was, it looks small and meant for the really small IKEA trash bins (e.g. The Variera bin is only 12" high!).

Questions for you all:

  1. My thought was that I don't need any insert and could put 2 plastic bins in there (one in front of the other). Is that plan good or do I need an insert to hold the bins?
  2. What recommendations do you have for bins to use for trash and recycle? Thought is that I would use equally sized bins for trash vs. recycle.

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