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Chinese New Years Swap 2017

7 years ago

Okay anyone interested please sign up by the 23rd. The plan is to send 2-4 seed varieties to me along with a stamp. Normal paper envelopes will be used. Mail 3-4 seed types to me contact me for information (might sound sketchy but I promise you will get seeds in return.) So the plan I had in mind is send seeds along with one forever stamp to me then I'll redistribute the seeds back. If you send 3 types of plants you'll receive 3 back if you send 4 you'll get 4 back. This is my first time setting anything like this up so any suggestions I'd be happy to hear.

So the idea I had in mind was all Asian vegetables, any sort of red flower, but absolutely no chrysanthemum flowers of any types as these are only used in funerals.

P.S. and yes this is open to people of all ethnicities so feel free to join in if you want.

please say if you want to be in this trade to be signed up. message me or email me when you're ready to send:

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