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Soil MealyBugs. How to Kill them???

7 years ago

In my Huernia/stapelia collection, i have found these damn soil mealybugs on occasion, after I plant them up and weeks later, they die out of the blue.

Yes new plants from a VERY reliable dealer in Huernias, so they arrive pest free. BUT I think the Fla. air is so humid, it is the perfect breeding ground for them to turn up.

So...does adding Diatomaceous Earth, to the soil in the initial potting help to deter them, and kill them, IF they try to set up home? Can it be dusted on the top of soil of established plants IF i think there are soil mealys ,and water it in? What is the amount to use, or is it inert and cant be use to much?

Or is it a bunch of folklore ,that it is like putting millions of 'tiny razors' in the soil, so it kills them when they more or try to eat anything? Anyone know? Thanks.

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