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Swapping roses for healthier, more disease resistant varieties.

SoFL Rose z10
6 years ago

So this passed year, I've been concentrating on growing varieties that perform well in my south Florida heat and getting rid of those that are riddled with disease or just won't grow (or bloom) in my climate. So far I've replaced many of my hybrid teas for more shrub type roses that are known for their disease resistance. I'm swapping many of my roses for David Austin, Kordes roses and romántica roses.

I've even swapped some of my DAs with Kordes. For example, I swapped molineux with Solero Vigorosa. They have a similar look but Solero is much healthier. Same with Tamora, I swapped her for Cream Veranda. CV is so much healthier here.

I replaced heirloom (hybrid tea) with plum perfect. I swapped Alnwick Castle for Beverly. Grenada with carefree beauty and Claire Austin with lichfield angel (LA is actually white, my Clair was always yellow). Also Queen Elizabeth with Belinda's Dream.

Many of my other HTs were replaced with Austins. Even though many Austins do get black spot here (with the exception of Olivia who is extremely healthy) their vigor keeps them blooming and growing. Heritage, scepter d'isle, gentle hermione and Abe Darby have done much better as well as Evelyn and pat Austin that have done superbly. I also want to mention wedding bells which has been outstanding here and still has that hybrid tea form.

Disease resitance is now my number one priority when it comes to roses and I find I'm much happier with how they perform.

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