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Help creating privacy screen; Dallas/Fort Worth Area

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I am really stumped on what to do with this. My neighbor put up this RV port in his side yard, and I would like to screen it off from my view. Not for privacy necessarily, because they only have it here for storage so are rarely actually inside it, but because I don't like looking at it out my windows on that side of the house. All of my kitchen windows face this.

I would like to continue the privacy size fence (the one in the picture is my neighbor's fence) all along the side, and then plant shrubs or small trees that will eventually grow up past the fence. The fence will be at least $1,200 for this stretch though, so we've also been debating a hedge instead. The main hedge plants I have narrowed down so far are wax myrtle and red tip photinia (I know controversial, but it works as far as size and light/water requirements go). This is southern exposure, and gets a decent amount of water run off because the yard slopes there.

Any thoughts on fence vs hedge? Any other ideas are welcome too. I also thought of putting wood lattice up, just in front of the RV and growing vines on it. Thank you!

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