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Edmunds' Roses

Siri z8b San Juan Islands, WA
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi all! I'm a smallscale flower farmer out in NW Washington State. I'm hoping to put in a couple dozen rose bushes for cutting this year. I was going to order from Edmunds' as they have great prices and no high wholesale minimums, but the reviews I'm seeing of their rose bushes are quite mixed. Hoping to hear from anyone who has recent experience with them. Also, would love to hear where you like to buy your grafted/bare root (not own root!) roses online. Thanks in advance :)

The varieties I'm thinking of planting:

Distant Drums
Koko Loko
Just Joey
French Lace
Dainty Bess
Jubliee Celebration
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Hot Cocoa

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  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR
    6 years ago

    I think someone just posted they were happy with Edmund's recently.

    Siri z8b San Juan Islands, WA thanked Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR
  • wirosarian_z4b_WI
    6 years ago

    When Edmunds was purchased by Jung Seed Co about 10 yrs ago, the first year or 2 Jung had a few wrinkles to sort out, but lately most of the comments & my personal experience with them has been positive.

    Siri z8b San Juan Islands, WA thanked wirosarian_z4b_WI
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  • bethnorcal9
    6 years ago

    They're great. I've ordered from them for yrs. Always good plants. I have 7 roses on order. I like that the shipping is free on $100 order. Can't wait to get mine. I ordered PEACH SWIRL, PRINCESS CHARLENE, VIOLET'S PRIDE, FRUITY PETALS CL, LOUISE HAY, COLOR MAGIC, and NEIL DIAMOND. The last 3 are to replace ones I had that died. The first 4 are new ones.

    Siri z8b San Juan Islands, WA thanked bethnorcal9
  • Siri z8b San Juan Islands, WA
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    Thank you everybody for the responses! I went ahead and placed my order with Edmunds' and will keep this thread updated as to my experience.

    As far as the varieties I've chosen, I have to respectfully disagree that some are not suitable for cuts. I've worked as a florist for many years and Distant Drums, French Lace, and Iceberg are all grown by one of my favorite cut rose producers Fallon Shea and are are staple varieties with people in the business in NYC. They take some conditioning and definitely don't last as long as grocery store roses, but I think they more than make up for it in charm :) Might just have to add Dark Night to the list, that is a stunner for sure!

  • frances_in_nj
    6 years ago

    Coming to this a bit late, but I'd like to add my endorsement of Edmunds! I ordered from them for the first time last year, and was delighted with the big, healthy bare root roses they sent me. All did very well in their first year in my garden. But here's a really nice detail I must add. I also ordered an own-root Jasmina from them. When it arrived, 2 canes had broken off in shipping. The remaining cane looked pretty good, but I was concerned that the plant might have trouble down the line, so I figured I'd just inform them of what happened so that, if the plant failed, I'd have the issue on record. When I spoke to the customer service lady, she immediately said "oh, we'll send you another one". I said that well, that probably wasn't necessary - I thought the plant would be ok, really all I wanted to do was to have it on record in case the plant struggled or died. But she said "No, one cane is not acceptable, we are sending you a replacement!" I thought that was so nice of them! Ultimately, both Jasminas did fine (I gave one to my best friend, however, because I don't have room for TWO more Jasminas!) So I think Edmunds is great - I just ordered from them again, and I recommend them highly!

  • Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Wow Siri! Thank you so much for sharing the Fallon Shea site! Right in Petaluma! Awesome! They have workshop classes too! The site really makes me want to get Geoff Hamilton and Charles Darwin! Just gorgeous!

  • Deanna Squires
    5 years ago

    Thank you everyone. I was searching for information on roses and came across this thread which boosted my confidence in mail ordering from Edmunds. I'd like to ask another question since several of you seem to have a lot of experience and I'm a newbie. I'm building a split rail fence in my front yard and want to grow white roses to vine over it. I was looking at either the Easy Spirit Floribunda Rose or the Full Sail Hybrid Tea Rose. Would those both be good options or no? Also would you recommend planting one bush at each post and training the vines to meet in the middle of the 8' rails or should I plan to put another bush mid-rail? Thank you! Any feedback is much appreciated.

  • mcnastarana
    5 years ago

    Deanna, it depends on your location and climate. If you are in zone 8 or 9, you need look no further than the Noisettes, such as 'Lamarque' or "Manchester Guardian Angel". MGA is particularly good in tough locations, as is another found Noisette, "Pleasant Hill Cemetary, 'Madame Alfred Carreire' is another good choice. If you are a bit colder, 'Sombreuil' is very good, and for even colder you might want to look at some of Mr. Radler's climbers, like 'Milwaukee Calatrava'. There is also 'Alba Meidiland' which grows almost anywhere, sends out long flexible canes, but does not self clean. I like it, but I do have to wade into the mound and deadhead about 3 or 4 times a season.

  • mcnastarana
    5 years ago

    Ken, would you mind sharing with us why Edmunds is

    "the only place I will buy roses grafted on Dr Huey root stock."?

    What makes Edmunds grafted roses superior in your view?

  • Deanna Squires
    5 years ago

    Hello mcnastarana - Thank you for the feedback. I believe I'm in zone 9. I'm in Chico, CA - about two hours north of Sacramento. I'll check out those few you listed. Would you not recommend the Floribunda or Tea Rose then?

  • mcnastarana
    5 years ago

    Dear Deanna, If you want a rose bush about 3'-5' high, floribundas are excellent. If you want long, flexible canes which you can wind through your fence, then you would look for flexible climbers. Either would look very well with a fence.

  • Deanna Squires
    5 years ago

    Thank you. That is very helpful. I have a plan now! :) I appreciate your feedback very much.

  • Diane Hagerty
    3 years ago

    NOT happy with Edmunds Roses. Small, dried out roses received, one survived and one didn't. they advertise "100% Satisfaction" but only offer a replacement (NEXT SPRING) or credit towards another small, dried out rose. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.

  • witchygirrl6bwv
    3 years ago
    last modified: 3 years ago

    Same as Diane. One survived barely. It has two tiny canes this year. The Sugar Moon never tried to grow. I didn't call them about it, because idk..I don't like complaining. I ordered a bare root own root from Regan, and it was noticeably a healthier plant.*edit to add the barely surviving one is Peach Swirl. I wanted that one more than sugar moon, so I'm pulling for her. I planted them with the grafts a few inches underground. The own root from regan was Young Lycidas.

  • Ha Tran
    2 years ago

    Hi, I am a newbie and have a question: should I plant a rose bush, or rose tree? I am thinking of the Memotial Day HT, and Firefighter HT. Are they good ones? I would greatly appreciate for your response.

  • Ha Tran
    2 years ago

    Between Love Song HT and Neptune HT, which one is better?

    I also plant to buy the following:

    Love's Promise Grandiflora Rosa

    Neptune Hybrid Tea Rose (real lavender)

    Perfume Delight Hybrid Tea

    Perfume Factory Hybrid Tea Ross

    Brides Dream Hybrid Tea Rose

    Are they good for cutting roses?

    Thanks for your help.

  • magizz
    last year

    So here is my experience with Edmunds. I ordered the American Climber on March 26, 2020. I am not a rose expert so I followed their advice and ordered rose fertilizer as well.

    April 2, they sent the fertilizer and said they would send the rose at the proper planting time. The charge for these items appeared on my bank account.

    May 4, I inquired as to when they would be sending the rose.

    May 5, five weeks after they took my money, they advised me that they could not supply me with the rose I ordered. They offered to refund my money or pick another rose. The only rose close to my original order was one called William Baffin that was a couple dollars more. I said I would take that one if they could give me the same price as the one I originally ordered. They agreed to do that.

    May 13, I asked again when they would be sending the rose.

    May 14, they said they were running behind on shipping and would send it out the following week.

    May 24, I still hadn't received my rose and asked them to cancel the order and refund my money.

    May 26, they said it had been shipped and they were no longer able to refund my money.

    I received it a couple days later. As I said, I'm not a rose expert so I read and re-read the planting instructions several times. After planting, it slowly began to show some new growth. I was excited to see 3 tiny buds on the new branch and watched them flower into roses the size of a half dollar. I pampered it the rest of the summer hoping for more. Nothing happened after that. No more flowers, no new growth.

    This spring, I pronounced it dead. Since the paperwork that came with it said I had to let them know by August 2020 if there was a problem, I took the loss and tossed it. This whole process was a disappointment. My next purchase will be from my local family-owned garden center. Lesson learned.

  • HU-328248584
    last year

    DO NOT order from Edmunds. they don't ship when they say, poor customer service.

  • Diane Brakefield
    last year

    For the last seven years, Edmunds has not been allowed to ship roses to Idaho. That says something. Diane

  • rosecanadian
    last year

    Ken - your Dark Knight is EXQUISITE...SWOONSVILLE!!!

  • MiGreenThumb (Z5b S.Michigan/Sunset 41) Elevation: 1,029 feet
    last year
    last modified: last year

    I ordered from Edmunds' April 17th.

    I received my order Saturday May 1st.

    Both plants look good*.

    *A crack in the cane of one, but nothing that can't heal or be hidden!

    I'm sorry to hear about these negative experiences!


  • mark_roeder 4B NE Iowa
    10 months ago
    last modified: 10 months ago

    I came across this thread after receiving my order today from Edmund's Roses. I ordered January 21. My experience with most mail order nurseries is that if you order early you get a better product.

    I don't order from Edmunds yearly but have ordered from Edmunds both before and after they were sold to Jung. Before the sale they were the best in the rose mail order business.

    I only ordered two this year. The quality of the roses upon arrival was very good. They definitely qualify as #1 roses, and canes all green. Root systems were good, could have been better, but quite acceptable. They were well-packed in damp sphagnum moss and heavy-duty plastic bag, arriving in a sturdy box.

    One of the roses had a Weeks Roses tag, and another had a Certified Roses tag. It is interesting they are sourcing from multiple growers.

    The most important factor in ordering from Edmunds is they had the two roses I wanted, I could not find this combination elsewhere.

  • Trish Wood Brodock
    9 months ago

    Worst company ever.

  • PDXRobertZ8
    16 days ago
    last modified: 16 days ago

    @magizz I had an almost identical scenario as you with Edmunds this year (today). I ordered my roses super early, they took my money (unlike Amazon, who does not charge you until they finalize and ship the actual order), and then I was notified months later that three of my roses were cancelled due to "crop failure."

    I understand (now) that this is how some mail order nurseries often work, but I think it's bad form to sell a product and collect people's money before you have the product in stock. It's a kind of deception (in my opinion). So they potentially gets hundreds or thousands of people's cash up front to fund their operations and get them thru the winter, and then, when they no longer need the $$$ they are able to refund our orders of roses. I am such a pessimist right now.

    Anyway, the money was refunded from the cancelled roses. Fine. I took a few days to review my remaining order and determined that because of the roses that were cancelled (by them), my design plans wouldn't work anymore, and I asked if they could cancel two additional roses (I still have several coming that I was not interested in cancelling). They wrote me back within minutes to say that my order is already being processed and they cannot do that. But of course when I asked when my roses were being shipped, they give me a two month range.

    So they can obviously cancel on their end, no problem, at any stage of the game, but we cannot modify our order after that whatsoever.

    I sent a remarkably kind response suggesting that they give folks a window to adjust their order further if Edmunds cancels anything so that we can get what we really want. I spent over $400 on this year's carefully crafted order. I can wait until next year to finish the design, but it is all so frustrating, and I feel deceived.

    And don't bother trying to return a product. They won't refund you--only give you a credit voucher for a future rose purchase (which will also likely be cancelled due to 'crop failure').

    Compare that to the experience of buying bands from A Reverence for Roses or Rogue Valley Roses--they only sell what they have in stock, and it arrives looking great (albeit the wrong rose often with RVR hahaha, a different conversation). Heirloom also sells product they have and don't make it available unless it's sellable.

    I'm hoping that what I do receive is GREAT quality. Otherwise, that's it for me and Edmunds.

    Thanks for listening to my rant. Gonna pour myself a glass of wine now. :)

  • fig_insanity Z7a E TN
    16 days ago
    last modified: 16 days ago

    @PDXRobertZ8 I'm not sure one glass of wine would do it...and I don't even drink, lol. You have my (very sober) sympathies.

  • PDXRobertZ8
    16 days ago

    aw thanks @fig_insanity Z7a E TN I am probably over-reacting to the whole thing, but I'm not used to this style of online buying.

  • Diane Brakefield
    16 days ago

    Robert, no you're not overreacting. Years ago, just before Jung's went into a financial tailspin, I ordered some seeds from them which I wanted to sow in spring. The charged my card, and then told me they wouldn't be able to send my seeds until the next year (spring). I can't remember what their lame excuse was, but I promptly told them I would stop my credit card payment if they didn't refund my money right way. They were quite nasty about it, but refund me they did. They knew what they were doing wasn't legal. Not long after that, they went through some big, complicated financial maneuverings which someone explained on the forum, and which made my eyes cross. That was when Edmunds became part of the Jung's fiasco. Tell them to promptly refund your money for the roses they can't ship, or you will stop your credit card payment. Credit card companies don't like businesses that pull this kind of stuff. Diane