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Ice Storm Check-In Thread

Something wicked this way comes. It is Ice-mageddon 2017.

For all of you in the path of the projected ice storm, please, please, please be careful and stay safe. Come back here to check in when/if you have power, or just to update us as ice begins falling in your location.

Ice is not expected to come this far south so the worst thing we might have is thunderstorms and perhaps flooding. Still, the huge transmission lines that feed power to our local electrical co-ops run from western OK into our county, so we could lose power if a worst possible case scenario occurs and the transmission lines fail. We have a generator and gas for it, so we're ready for power interruptions should they happen to occur.

FYI---the cavalry is on the way, having crossed the Red River yesterday and last night in large caravans of utility trucks and contractor trucks (like tree trimmers, for example) heading north to stage before the storm hits. It looks like OG&E and other utility companies have summoned massive amounts of help to be in place to deal with the anticipated damage and power outages. Those of you who live in the area where the winter storm is forecast to hit should be comforted by knowing that so many people have come here to help restore power once it is safe for them to do so.

Let's hope that any stores that have early plant shipments arriving will be able to roll those plants indoors to keep them warm and free of ice. With the cold spell a couple of weeks ago, the big box stores here did roll racks of plants indoors as much as possible, and they put frost blankets over the rest. That's the down side to having plants arrive in stores so early.

Let's hope the storm isn't as bad as forecast, and that it ends as quickly as possible. The rain, though, looks like it could drag on for days and days so I think flooding remains a risk for quite some time in areas where the rainfall just goes on and on and on.

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