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Kitchen Remodel Layout Help Needed Please!

7 years ago

We are remodeling a 1950s ranch home we recently purchased. We have gutted the old kitchen and are starting from scratch. We have removed the old wall between the kitchen and den to create an open layout. Because the previous owners added on a breakfast room addition off the back of the kitchen, there are no windows in the kitchen. We would like some help with the new layout as this is proving to be difficult because of the many pathways, lack of windows, and the fact that the garage door enters directly into the kitchen.

The old sink used to be in front of a former exterior window which then became a "pass through" when the former owners added on the breakfast room. We have removed the old sink and lowered the wall to the floor to create another entry point to the breakfast room and provide more sunlight to the kitchen. The sink can be moved anywhere in the kitchen - provided the plumber can do it.

There is a 3 foot concrete wall/post that remains from the old addition and it is supporting the header of the former exterior wall. We would love to remove this wall but we don't have a cost on this so we are assuming it will stay.


An open concept kitchen for entertaining guests and for a hang out for the family.

Family Composition:

2 adults, 2 children (9 and 7), 1 dog

Usually 1 kitchen worker

We are not big cooks, but want a nice looking kitchen and functionality for resale as well.

We want to use the kitchen for entertaining and gatherings and a large island for gatherings and doing homework (this would be the hub of the home hopefully).

We have a formal dining room... but will not use it much. The breakfast room would be used more. We realize we don't need both but we are thinking of keeping the formal dining room for resale purposes.

As of now we plan to leave the walls as seen here. But are open to suggestions if the budget allows for new headers etc. as most of the walls that remain are structural in nature.


Large counter height island with seating for at least 4.

All base drawers

Microwave not on counter

Beverage center if possible (a 24" mini-fridge under a counter)

Pantry Cabinet (maybe behind garage door??)

Drop Zone (for keys, mail etc)

Backpack area?? (probably no room unless it's behind the garage door with pantry?)

Dog food storage

Coffee maker storage (hidden accessible storage for it)


30" slide in induction range (for space purposes)

36" x 70" counter depth french door fridge

24" d/w

Range hood above range (prefer no OTR mw)

Do Not Want/Need:

We prefer nothing on the top of the island (no sink or range). However, we realize with our limited space we may have no choice and as you will see from my 2nd drawing we have placed the sink on the island. We would love not to do this though.

Thanks ahead for any thoughts or help! (And please note the second picture is turned sideways from the first picture)

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