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Tide Pods/Gain Flings Revelation!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I was researching the ingredients in Tide Pods and discovered they contain a dechlorinating agent-sodium bisulfite. Checked out Gain Flings and they also contain it!

Per Mama's recommendation, I tried the F&G pods again and have been really impressed with their effectiveness. I use these in addition to one All F&C dryer sheet and have the softest laundry out of the dryer (I'm not using any liquid fabric softener at the moment).

So with the dechlorinator and no cellulase enzymes, the Tide Pods should really help minimize premature wear and tear on laundry.

What? Are you saying cellulase enzymes causes wear??? Yes, I have a grand theory that any detergent with the enzyme cellulase will prematurely wear out your laundry. I used a detergent that had cellulase and would have all sorts of mystery holes in all kinds of things like towels, sheets, and t-shirts. Since I dropped that detergent (Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus), no more holes! I think that's why so many people have problems with mystery holes when they use the likes of certain detergents such as Persil Power-Pearls.

Cotton is the purest natural form of cellulose.

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