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Calamondin dying suddenly! Please help!!!

7 years ago

hi all, i live in Zone 9 and got a Calamondin tree from the local nursery in summer. it already had lots of buds on it.i moved the plant in a big barrel after a few weeks. Over the summer the flowers bloomed and almost all of them turned into nice fruits.But since fall the weather turned cold and i had to bring the plant inside and the fruits were still growing fine inside.since last week they all started falling off after turning orange, which i thought would happen since it got cold.but this week the leaves suddenly started wilting and now the whole tree seems to be dying.what must have caused this to happen? I havent watered it since last week cos the top of the soil was still wet, i always water only when top 2" is dry. i have a meyer lemon tree too, which is doing fine. what can be done to save my plant?? can somebody please help.Thanks.

P.S.- the 1st pic shows the plant from last week and the 2nd one is from this week.

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