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Kitchen paint - Sherwin Williams Sensuous Gray

7 years ago

Last year I posted about choosing a kitchen paint color. At that time, I was thinking of something in the green color family. I never felt good about any of my choices so I put the project on hold. My current kitchen is too yellow (golden oak cabinets, light yellow counter tops that I will be changing later, mustard yellow walls) and I wanted to balance that out. I have fallen in love with Sherwin Williams Sensuous Gray because I see it in person regularly at a local business. It is very dark, but I love the undertone of plum in it.

I'm worried about how it would look in my kitchen because my windows are north and east and it has fluorescent light fixtures, the kind like in an office (stuck with this situation for now because the whole ceiling needs to be redone in the future). The LRV of this paint is pretty low. I do have wainscoting on the bottom of my walls that will be a light cream or off white and I have a light floor and white appliances, so I feel like some of the darkness will be offset.

I am reading about lowering the intensity of paint colors. I'm trying to find a picture online of somebody that has done this shade at half strength. I'm worried about it looking too lavender if this is done. I don't want it to look childish or candy-like. I'd like to hear some feedback on this possible color choice and whether or not it sounds like a big mistake.

We will be replacing the counter tops with a laminate that has brown/black/cream specks with maybe just a hint of gold to tie into the cabinets. The areas with mustard yellow paint are the areas in question. Thanks!

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