Show your January 2017 potted plant pics!

A crowd at a south window. The blooms are mother of thousands/millions (Kalanchoe x houghtonii.)

One of my newest plant family members, Peperomia orba. It's been a lot of fun already, every stem I've cut off & stuck somewhere has taken root.

Kleinia/Senecio fulgens continues to bloom in earnest.
The foliage. The blooms stick up from the plant too far to get them focused in the same pic, under my rudimentary photography abilities.
Another Peperomia 'Jellie/Jelly' (tricolor/clusiifolia) is starting to bloom.
Variegated basket plant (Callisia fragrans) is getting ready to occasionally scent kitchen. In west window with some trees blocking a lot of the light. Out of focus Coleus cuttings in water on the windowsill.

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