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Ideas? Open shelf pantry storage for small food items: stumped!

Half my laundry room (adjacent to kitchen) is made over to a walk-in pantry. Open shelves. Space is pretty tight. On one side are wood shelves installed on wall tracks. That works fine. The heavy stuff like cans and bottles are there.

On another side is a 5 foot high plastic shelving unit which is set against a disused outer door that has a window in it (the only daytime natural light source). 5 shelves. Shelves are too far apart on that (like 14”), but it’s what I have to work with, it's shallow, which is good; and I don’t want to use one of the industrial metal wire units, which are too deep for the space. I have boxed or bagged things there.

I just went through it to discard old food, and realized in the process that a lot of what I have been doing is not working.

I had been using stacking bins (like this) type (but smaller)….

…for small items like :

loose granola bars,
packages of seasoning mixes,
loose micro popcorn packets,
boxes of jello or pudding,
stray coffee packets from hotels,
bagged brownie mix, etc.

But that just meant stuff got lost or buried. I had a shallow drawer unit before, but the drawers stayed closed and stuff forgotten.

The bins work fine for small bags of pasta, chocolate chips, but that’s about it.

So I would appreciate suggestions for how other people store these. I know you can buy little acrylic boxes for sauce mixes, but I have all different of things. Odds are I have something around I can re-purpose, but just have not thought of it yet.

Also, any ideas for how to space things on shelves with too much space in between?

Thanks. ]

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