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Roundup damage to large roses: should I prune? Can I add more roses?

Last Sept, I applied Roundup near 2 large rose plants. I tried to be careful: I got a big box, made a hole in the center of the box base, positioned the box open end down over the area to spray, and sprayed (heavily) through the hole to prevent drift. But 2 months later, I started seeing herbicide damage on the 2 closest roses.

Would it do any good to cut the canes back on those roses at this late date? Or just leave them alone and hope the normal leaves that are left will help the roses recover?

Also, I am planning to buy some more roses to plant (in March) within about 5 feet of the area that was sprayed in Sept. Is that a bad idea? Would I risk killing the new roses by means of roundup travelling through the soil?

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