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Need Help Please - Too much distance from fixed cabinets to island?

6 years ago

Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of building our home and need help making final decision on the distance from our kitchen wall cabinets to the island cabinets. The current plan distance is 60" (5') from the main wall (& stove) cabinets to island (& sink); and 40" from the very corner of the island to the fridge (see plan below).

We are considering moving the island a little closer (reducing the distance from 60" to 54-56"). By doing this though, the right side of the island will be sightly in front of part of the fridge; still maintaining a distance of 40".

Thoughts and suggestions? Should we move the island (& sink) closer to the main wall by approx 6", even if it places the corner portion of the island partially in front of the fridge?

Thank you in advance to everyone for your time and suggestions!!!

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