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How to paint chipped / crumbling paint on window frame / sill

7 years ago

I've got a very serious project ahead of me... and it's rough going with all the different issues I'm discovering. First, how does one adequately paint metal window sills that have all sorts of paint cracking on the bottom area? The rest of the frame looks fine. But obviously if you just paint the bottom, it won't look right as the color will probably different.

Photo of Window Sill / Frame #1 - Cracked, Chipped Paint

Photo of Window Sill / Frame #2 - Chipped, Rusted Paint

Now I guess I need to use some WD40 or rust remover to sand down and them remove as much rust as possible. I have a 5 in 1 tool to get rid of the old chipped paint areas. But now I'll be left with some serious gaps and holes in the paint areas. To try to strip an entire window frame will be an impossible job. So what do you guys do to smooth it out and repaint? Thanks for all tips and help in advance.

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