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Beds not ready for mail-order perennials - re-potting questions

We've ordered quite a few perennials for our future beds and most will arrive in April in our zone 5b/6a. I don't want to delay their shipment because my concern is that some of them will run out of stock, as it often happened in the past. The beds will be made this summer, probably July, so they will not be ready for planting for about 3-4 months. The plants will vary in size and blooming periods, but almost all of them will arrive in small bands. I hope you can help me with some advice.

- What's a general rule of thumb for the size of pots for re-potting until ready to plant?

- What should be their sun/shade exposure while re-potted? (Most of the ordered plants are sun-loving, but some are better in part or full shade.)

- What potting mix to use and should there be a fertilizer to encourage growth before they are ready for planting?

Thank you!

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