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Moving bathroom to gain bigger bathroom?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago


I am wondering whether it is worth it to move my bathroom. Currently, the bathroom is 7'6"x5' (interior dimensions) and is really cramped and worn out (mostly original to the 50's with a new vanity from the 70's) . I'm going to have to gut it anyway, even if I don't move it. So that's why I'm wondering if now is the time to do a bigger Reno.

I have attached the current layout and a proposed new layout. You can see that:

-master bedroom had been divided into two kids bedrooms. I will have to add a window to one of these bedrooms.

-bedroom 3 on the left becomes the master and gains a big closet

- the bathroom is eliminated and turned into a hallway that provides access to one of the kids' bedrooms

- the new bathroom resides in the old kid's bedroom and is now 8x11 which would be big enough for a double sink and some breathing room.

Home is a 3 bedroom, single storey. There is currently only 1 bathroom in the house. The basement is unfinished. Joists run from the top to the bottom of the page. Most houses in the area have a finished basement where homeowners add another bathroom. I personally would much rather have a nice big bathroom on the main floor and let the next homeowners develop the basement.

I have checked the building code and the bedroom dimensions and square footage all meet code.

Am I talking myself into something stupid?

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