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Guesstimate of cable railing installed; your own experience

5 years ago

I seek your thoughts on this pricing, or your actual cost for cable railing system.

GC for new house has price from local fabricator for installed stainless steel cable rail & SS posts and top rail that seems high to me at $8,300. 50 lineal feet; all level deck; 36" high; 11 cable runs with SS top rail; 50' consists of ( 8' run; 15' run; and L shape run of 6' & 21' legs). Based on posts with max. 4' OC, I figure there are 6 end posts; 1 corner post; and 9 intermediate posts; 550' of SS cable.

Above sub contractor seems high?? compared to mid-range rail system online store in Washington such as (  or or I will call each of these on Monday to get there guess about installation labor.

If you had cable rail installed, what was your cost and description of project as well as where you are located so I can guess at labor cost differences. I'm in Oregon.

Photo is of one of the online rail kits that is available.

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