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Should I match trim to cabinets?

Annette Holbrook(z7a)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

It's taken some time coming round to the design style of the loft apartment at our new log cabin. I never liked the style and it has been really hard for me to warm up to it and get excited about decorating it. All that wood!

Here is how it looked in the listing photos and now. So far I've just put in a bed.

Anyway I went through dozens of ideas about how to make this palatable to me. Painting all that wood walls seemed silly, too costly as it has a finish, plus it's in good condition.

After studying my pics for awhile I suddenly realized I liked the look of my old white guest bed against the wood. So that decided the kitchen cabinets for me. White IKEA cabinets would be affordable and would look crisp.

I started searching online for pics of homes with wood walls and white trim and found some places that started to inspire me. Finally.

So I've decided to paint the trim around the windows and doors white. I'm not going to mess with the beams in the ceiling as I like them, plus they are a nicer wood than the trim so I don't want to cover them up.

I've done some research on the IKEA grimslov cabinets and found a few blogs that give good paint matches.

Am I asking for trouble trying to match it or should I just find a compatible white and go with it?

Also, would you paint the two wooden doors or just leave them pine? One door is the stairs down to the outside and the other is to the bathroom.

Any input on the color of the kitchen countertop would be appreciated as well.

Here is a mockup from my design program.

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