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My first house build - just starting out

7 years ago

Hi all - my first post so bear with me.

I am in the process of purchasing a residential lot in an established neighborhood (the "newest house on the block is 1962 and the oldest is probably 1940s vintage). I want to be respectful of the neighborhood and style. I'm estimating about 150$/square - and I am very, very resourceful and generally savvy around contracting/managing projects. I am still in the "dreaming and planning stage" and have 1-2 years before I start. It should be noted that I am a smaller house kind of gal - its just me. 1500 feet to me is huge since I've been living in 650ish for a few decades. This is going to be my retirement home.

Site specifics:

1. 75x118 lot size.

2. Alley access (east side) in addition to street access (west side)

My parameters:

1. less than 1500 sq feet

2. 3 bedroom, 2 bath/single story

3. open concept for LR/Kitchen/DR -- gathering space is important

4. front porch and big patio (covered)

5. rear opening laundry room/mud room (think Labrador!)

6. detached garage/shop ok (possible breezeway connection - area does get snowy in winter)

I've attached my "front runner" plan (1416 sq ft, 56x40). A couple of things -

1. I'd like to extend the laundry room to be a little longer to incorporate a pantry cupboard and room for dog feeding/recycling/boots

2. Bump the DR out a couple of feet (which would necessitate redoing the porch etc) to get a few more feet of DR and a bit more kitchen/counter space with the extension of the laundry room and having to realign the door. My estimate is that will bring me to about 1500.

3. The support post in the DR - I hate it. Glu lam beams to span that possibly? What to do????

3. Plan dimensions are: 56 feet wide and 40 feet deep

Challenges that I see initially:

1. My lot is 75' wide - with 5' setbacks. This plan is right at 56' wide - which gives me room for a driveway that will lead to the rear of the, where there will be a shop/garage. I may be open to an alley opening garage, but in the winter, access could be an issue b/c of snow. My initial shop/garage thoughts are 24x24 or 24x36. Am hoping that it won't dominate the landscape/backyard too much.

2. Natural light - the back of the house will face east. With a deep covered patio, am worried about light- also - the hallway. Skylight possibly in hallway? May not be that big of an issue.

3. Will revise master bath - b/c I will only have a shower in that room and I am not a double sink kind of gal. That will free up space for a linen closet.

Give me your thoughts, ideas, and all that. I have some other questions regarding technical issues, but I am going to live in this dreamy land of possibilities right now. I am all ears!!!!! Thank you.

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