closet - 2 small walk-in closets vs 1 big built-in wall closet?

4 years ago

We recently bought a new apartment and our master bedroom has 2 small walk-in closets ( approx. 5 ft x 3.5 ft each) side by side along one of the bedroom walls. The 2 small walk-in closets are so small that you can only step inside the closet and turn around to get things, but you have no room to walk due to all the shelving needed for the closet.

So, I was thinking of combining the 2 tiny walk-in closets and making it into one big built-in wall closet. I think this would provide the same amount of closet space, make the closet look more organized and give us about 1.5 feet more bedroom space since we would only need about 2 ft depth for a built-in closet.

My main concern is resale value, especially since this would set us back at least $2k. I wanted to know whether people would rather have 2 small but separate walk-in closets or one big built-in wall closet or don't really care either way.

I attached a diagram of the two closet layouts I am referring to. Mind you this is a very rough sketch and the dimensions of the sketch is just to give you an idea of the layout but is not the actual ratio.

All of your opinions are much appreciated!!

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