Buying a home ( West Facing) : Confusion in selecting lots

4 years ago

Hi! We are in a complete confusion for selection of our plots.

Information about House :

1. West Facing

2. The main areas - Family room, Kitchen and Breakfast will be in the West direction.

3. Location : Raleigh, North Carolina

4. Square foot : 3000 sqft house

5. Most beautiful elevation of the community (We are upgrading and paying for that)

Confusion :

We have two lot, both in same line. West facing.

Lot 1 - 5500 sqft and we we can opt for the most beautiful elevation upgrade.

The overall lot is way higher than any other lots in community.

Backyard will be 13 feet. And in backdrop there is a private land where they store logs. Basically the land on the backside of lot 1 is a private land owned by someone who has tree pulling company. And that guy stores his extra logs in that part of land. So if we build the house on lot-1 with beautiful elevation its quite easy to see the logs from level 2 of house as lot-1 is itself on an elevated level.

Lot 2 - 7000 sqft lot and its bit on the downside of the hill.

Off-course the same private land is behind the lot..But as this lot is on the downside of hill its not easily visible to see the logs and other storage stuff. While the negative point is I am not getting my favorite look for my house in lot-2. It would not look the way I want it.

So I am confused between the backdrop look vs sqft vs re-sale vs privacy. PLEASE HELP!!!!!



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