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Fiddle leaf fig tree dropping leaves, brown stem!

6 years ago

I live in NY and just got a large fiddle leaf fig tree. I've never been known for my green thumb (so this was probably an ambitious start), but this are deteriorating much faster than I expected! Leaves have been dropping at a rapid pace and now I'm realizing that my stalk is very brown and maybe a little shriveled with crispy little things around it.
I've only had the tree for about 2 months. At first I was watering about once a week. Leaves were dropping, but they were mostly green. I wasn't too concerned because I've read that they drop leaves in new environments. Then more leaves started getting brown spots so I thought I wasn't watering enough. Then one day, I noticed there was sitting water (terrible!) - I'm not even sure how long it was sitting in it! So then I haven't watered it for about 1.5 weeks, but MORE leaves have dropped and there are many of the ones near the top that are crisping and shriveling. Now I'm convinced that it hasn't had enough water (or maybe root rot? or not enough sun?!). I just ordered a water meter. Any advice? Does the brown stalk mean it's dead for sure? And what exactly does indirect sunlight mean ... so a bright room but no rays of sun touching it? I've attached a photo to show where I have it. That window faces northeast. Thank you in advance for any advice!

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