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Bamboo palm is ailing

6 years ago

Hi, there. My bamboo palm used to be so happy and full of growth, but now it's so sad. I can't identify what the disease is. I only water when the topsoil is dry to the touch or less often, and then I let it drip through. I water-mist once in awhile, but it doesn't seem to like that--the leaves are wrinkly now. When I didn't spray the leaves never looked this way. There may not be a correlation there, though. I'm including some photos. Currently it's in a brighter but maybe cooler spot. It was in a warmer limited natural light area and doing quite well for a couple years. I re-potted (from Miracle Grow to regular potting mix) in the summer but then it started to get ill. Not sure if the pot up was the reason for it. I know the pot is too big now, but I've had to cut off several dead fronds; I planned to re-pot in spring if it doesn't die before then. Anyone have any suggestions?


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