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Three seed swaps still recruiting

5 years ago

The Wish List Swap, formerly the WLOMWL Swap, by Patrob closes for new swappers and wish lists must be posted on Monday Dec. 5, so hurry if you remember this swap fondly and want to join. You have to be a cubits member, but joining is fast and free. One of the best:

ishareflowers is recruiting for her annual Commercial Seed Swap on this year. You have to be a member to play, also fast and free. A favorite for people who want to swap commercial seeds for new varieties of commercial seeds.

You have until December 30 to join the Not From the Seed Rack Seed Swap on We have 43 signed up at this point, with 1600 different seeds already posted. You have to be a member to play. Easy to join.

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