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Painting this propane tank??? ;)

6 years ago

The propane tank just got installed and hooked up, about time (note the bits of snow out there). It came in this Dijon mustard color. GC asked propane guy if we could paint it. Propane guy doesn't care -- it's ours.

Sooooo... soliciting ideas! My first thought is that it looks like a giant hot dog, but naw, don't want to go with that theme. I just posted it on Facebook, and suggestions coming back so far lean towards Yellow Submarine with a couple variants on that theme.

Thoughts? Don't guarantee I'll act on any of them, but since I plan to hide it more or less with shrubs, I could be convinced to do something horridly fun....

It's rural, off the road. But I can see it from my driveway and from my garage. (Not from the interior of the house proper.)

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