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Prospective home may have unpermitted addition. How to make it right

6 years ago

In researching a house I am considering making an offer on, I discovered that there doesn't seem to be a permit on file for an addition that was put on. The county online records go back to 01/01/1985 and the seller has owned the property since 1978. My agent has reached out to the buyer's agent to verify who did the work and if permits were pulled. As more time passes, I am beginning to fear that maybe it was a DIY project. The owner's husband passed, and she is 90, so she may not know or remember. All that said, my question is how does one make this right? I've read lots of articles telling buyers to look out for unpermitted work, but it doesn't say what to do if you do find it, except that if you become the new owner, it then becomes your problem.

A little more info...the house is vacant and has been on the market for 158 days. Great neighborhood, nice design and short of renovations that I would want to make to suit my personal taste, it is ready to move in. As for me...I am a pre-approved buyer, will be putting 20%, have no home to sell, not asking for any assistance with closing and want to close asap. Before the permit issue came up, I planned on offering 90% of asking price. I'm thinking that might change, depending on what is discovered and is a situation that can be rectified.

Any feedback is most appreciated.

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