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Black Stainless Versus Regular Stainless Steel

Sherrie Zweig
5 years ago

I am considering Black Stainless instead of regular Stainless Steel as a finish for new kitchen appliances that I am buying very soon and want advice from those who own such appliances and others who are considering this new finish.

Black stainless looks sharp, but is it truly more fingerprint and smudge resistant and easier to clean? What do you clean it with? Also some have said online that it scratches and dents more easily than stainless steel and that you then see silver underneath..... is this true?

In particular, I am considering refrigerator models by Samsung and LG (please see my earlier post and comment if you know anything about the particular models that I am considering.) However, what I am most worried about is when I must replace my built-in microwave and wall ovens, I will be limited in choice and locked into buying from certain companies if I choose black stainless over stainless steel for a refrigerator. The black stainless of Samsung is a little darker than the black stainless of LG, and I am not sure if these companies make good wall ovens or microwaves. It is possible that Kitchen Aid and GE also make some sort of black stainless according to Yale Appliance, but I am not sure about mixing appliance companies. But I do value function over aesthetics, so I want the best mid-range company for each appliance in my kitchen.

Need advice quickly, since I need to buy soon!

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