Extended appliance warranty from Pirch.

4 years ago

Pirch installed our Bosch induction range and along with the installation came a 3 year Pirch "bumper to bumper" warranty protection against manufacturer or installation defects. They also offered to extend this warranty for an additional 3 years (making it 6 years in all) for another $199.

I do not usually buy extended warranties and did not buy the additional 3 years since I was already getting the Pirch 3 year warranty by way of them installing the appliance. And of course we have the Bosch warranty for 1 year.

Now that we have had the range for a month or so I am wondering if I should get the additional 3 years since Induction ranges seem to fail at a higher rate? I don't know if the Pirch warranty would actually cover what might end up failing though and I already have it for 3 years anyway. Anyone have an extended warranty from Pirch and know if it is worth it? Thanks!

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