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Hot Compost Chicken Manure

7 years ago

I am about to try to hot compost chicken manure. I have 8 chickens who sleep in a 5X5 coop attached to a 5X10 in closed run. They sleep in the coop every night and spend 3 days a week inside the run. 4 days a week they have yard privileges and spend most of their day outside of the little run. They have been in this set up for a little over a year. I just moved their coop and run. I want to prepare this area for next springs garden. I have access to a good bit of shredded paper. So I plan to mix that in and pile up as much as I can. Raking it up will probably include a good bit of soil along with whatever is laying on the top. I'll probably add in some pine straw because I have that on hand as well. Should this work? Any suggestions for best success?

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