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Is my backsplash plan ok?

6 years ago

I've added some drawings of the planned layout below. If anyone notices any potential problems, please let me know.

We will be using a 2x16" glass tile covering two walls to the ceiling. We have been DIYing the kitchen and will do the backsplash ourselves. My SO has done tile work before, but not glass tiles. I know cutting glass tile is more of a challenge, but I can't talk him out of glass.

We have some temporary trim around our window which we plan to remove. It is just a line on the drawing. We plan on removing that, and tiling to the edge. There is a pencil tile which is technically not the same color, but we have a sample and the color difference is not detectable.


* Should we use the pencil tile to trim the window? We could also just use the regular tiles, but the space between the cabinets and windows edge is pretty small already.

* Would mitering the corners of glass tile be weird? (If we used the 2" tiles). I've tried to find pictures of tile around windows but haven't found good examples. I've seen ceramic tiles mitered around a window and thought it looked ok, but not sure about glass.

* What spacers would you use? My drawings are using 1/16" and that makes things fit pretty neatly, but maybe that will make things less forgiving for a non-professional. Our ceiling is far from perfectly level, so we will probably have issues regardless trying to finish things up there.

* We will add the pencil tile at the left edge, but there will still be an inch or two of countertop with no tile. Do you think 2" of countertop and no tile will look weird? We'd really like to just end the tile where it fits without cutting anymore. :-) I'm already nervous about the cuts we have to make and trying to minimize them as much as possible.

This second rendering is missing two outlets) but there is nothing else on this wall we will have to cut around. We will be taking down the hood and tiling the entire wall.

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