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Help me figure out this great room layout!

5 years ago

My husband and I are done remodeling and finally ready to purchase long-term furniture. Exciting, but the great room is giving us such a hard time! As you can see from the floor plan, we only have one wall to the right of the fireplace to anchor furniture. Or at least that's the only concept we're coming up with. And as of now, we don't see any other place for the TV except that wall. We toyed with the idea of hanging it over the fireplace, but our mantle is way too high so that option is out.

Keeping the TV on that one wall means we have to float all our seating. My dream is a standard sectional with a chaise on one end. Looking at our dimensions, you'd think we have the room, but after taking into account the brick hearth, 3-4' walkway we'd like to leave next to the stairs, AND that small 2' wall next the stairs that eats into the walkway itself...the room closes in quite a bit. A large sectional seems overwhelming at that point, especially hanging out in the middle of the room. We also have a coat closet at the end of the "walkway." Again, making our large room, not so large after all. We measured off the sectional and it really does seem to swallow the room. (Pics below - and disclaimer - we've since updated our banister and whitewashed our fireplace!)

We're expecting our first and only child in May. Again, I'd love a sectional that the 3 of us could snuggle on, but I fear there won't be any room for side tables, or any room for our baby to crawl around and play. Plus, factor in all the baby gear, although temporary, we'll be pretty cramped for a while.

So our next thought was to float a double chaise sofa facing the TV at 129" long with the chaises coming out to 64" each. (Possibly add a long sofa table behind it depending on the dining table we choose.) We would then float 2 accent chairs just in front of the TV console, facing the sofa. This will leave us with dead corners at the windows, but I can always fill them with blanket baskets, etc. (We have a very spoiled cat, so he'll end up with one corner I'm sure!) And I was thinking once the baby gear days are said and done, we could even do a slim sofa table along the stair wall. At 129" it will still be just as long as the measured off sectional in the photos below, but I'm hoping due to coming out only 64" and remaining low profile, as opposed to a full back 96" along the stair wall side, the room will still feel open.

I know how some people feel about the chaises...that they're wasted space and ottomans are more versatile. I agree, however, we're using ottomans now with a standard sofa and I don't care for the set up. We do entertain, but more so in smaller groups. I want to design for our family on a daily basis and I think the double chaise might be a nice way to get my comfy sectional feel without enveloping the room.

Thanks so much for reading. I am desperate for thoughts! If you see something I haven't thought of or think what we're planning might be terrible...I'd love the feedback!!!

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