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Remodeling Family room layout/furniture help please!

7 years ago

We are remodeling our entire first started out just with the kitchen but we wanted everything to flow and one thing led to another and now we are "freshening up the family room - redoing the fireplace and putting the TV above it, and also removing the current white cabinets/black granite that divide the kitchen and family room to give it and more open concept feeling. We can't get rid of that half wall as there is too much plumbing in it and no where else for it to go, BUT they may be able to move it over a little by moving plumbing in the wall. Either way, I really don't like it but have to deal with it and make it look not awkward. So by moving the TV over the fireplace, it changes the whole layout of the furniture (I plan on getting all new furniture for the room), and I'm having trouble figuring out what to do. This isn't a big room, but we are a family of six so need as much seating as possible, while not looking cramped and cluttered. Another idea is to have the door wall removed and make it a window so we can put another couch on that wall. OR I was thinking to save money, leave the door wall and put two matching chairs there, with a couch on the opposite wall. I LOVE big comfy sectionals, but don't know if that will work with this room without closing off the area to the kitchen, which is what I was hoping to give a more open feel all along. Sooo....I would love some ideas!

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