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Need help: New Central AC unit and Furnace

Jai Mailer
6 years ago

We have two very quiet 27 year old ComfortMaker central air
conditioners that were installed by the builder. The cooling units still work fine but the
furnace on the upstairs unit needs to be replaced. We are considering replacing both units with
14 or 16 SEER Trane units and 90% efficiency furnaces. We
chose Trane because it has a great dependability rating and history. The current
upstairs unit is 2 tons and the main level unit is 2.5 tons. I believe the
current furnace may be 80% efficiency. The
house is located in the southeast U.S.
It is approximately 1100 square feet per floor and there are three
floors including an unfinished basement.
We are anticipating finishing about 500 square feet of that basement in
the next 6 months or so. The current
downstairs unit in the basement leaks quite a bit. We were told that the lines would be flushed
but not replaced. We would also like a built-in dehumidifier in the unit that’s
controllable with the thermostat.

The Trane units that
were recommended were the XB14 ($11K) and the XL16i ($14K). We have a few
quotes from local HVAC companies but some of the info they give is
conflicting. For example, we were told
by one that we had to replace our return vents (12”x24”) because they are too
small and would cause the compressor to fail prematurely.

Would you please provide feedback on the wisest action to
take based on this info. Also, is the info about the return vent size true? Thanks in advance for your input.

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