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Fireplace hearth stone/extension, 1.5 inches thickness max

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We had hardwood floors put in, and the wood burning traditional fireplace, the bottom of which is flush with the floor, needs a new hearthstone in front of it. What USED to be there was slate on top of a big bed of concrete, but the way they had so much concrete was by building a wooden box resting on a joist that was cut out to house the box, which wasn't really structurally sound. That joist was replaced, so now what we have is 3/4" subfloor and 3/4" hardwood floor, giving us a total of 1.5 inches. My wife wants new hearth stone to be flush with floor. The stone vendors in the area have said there is no way to get a single piece of any kind of stone, because all the stone is 2" thick, and that's not even including whatever we'd use as the mortar or to set it in, etc. One guy said our only hope is 1.25" granite.
Does anyone have any ideas of how we can get a hearthstone of one piece into this 1.5" thickness? Is poured concrete a possibility, or is 1/5" also too shallow for that? Would our second best bet be pieces of stone, or would the pieces also be thicker than 1.25"?
Would 1.25" granite be a bad idea? We're looking for options, with preference being for 1 solid piece flush with floor. Any ideas/advice welcome. Total size of stone would be about 22" out from fireplace, about 53" wide, with notch cut out in middle to snug it up to actual fireplace floor, which comes out a tiny bit from the wall.

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