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Small airy tree for backyard birdwatching

I have a popular birdbath right outside my window and enjoy watching
the birds bathing from just 6' or 7' distance while sitting at my desk. Then
they fly away preening their feathers in the trees around here, but the trees
are too far away and the foliage is too high or too dense to easily watch them

I wish to plant a small airy tree closer to the window to more
easily watch the birds. I was first thinking of the Cornus alternifolia in pic
#1 (from a parallel thread) but I fear that the foliage is too dense for the
birdwatching purpose. Pic #2 shows a Crataegus submollis which may be somewhat
better, but I am looking for a growth habit that is even more open and airy.

The planting site would be about 15' from the house wall which is farther away than in pic #1 to accommodate shier birds. The house
wall itself faces North-West, so the planting site will receive solid shade
with about 4 to 5 hours of full sun. I am in Ontario, Canadian
plant hardiness zone 5a bordering on zone 5b which is about equivalent to USDA
zone 4b.

Any suggestions for my small, airy birdwatching tree?

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