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Commercial seed swap 2017 {7th annual}

Traditionally this swap is run here on the garden web.

This year I would like to move it over to I'm hoping that the yearly players will follow. The swap system there is so much better and it's free to join.

Normally, the players in the commercial seed swap would join the swap, send their seeds to me and I would try to send players back seeds I thought they might like. The site allows you to pick what seeds come back to you. This makes it so that I'm not searching wish lists for endless hours and YOU only get seeds that you want.

It is a little more time consuming for the players because you have to enter the seeds you are offering in the swap BUT it also assures that you will only get seeds that are wanted/needed in return.

There are several people from the garden web that have moved over to this site and signed up for the swap already.




Karen holt

There are new players that are not on the GW also.

Please post here and let me know if this might interest you.


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