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Rookie in the game, after some beginners advice.

Sean Cross
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi guys,
I've been brought to these forums as I've been trying to propagate some cuttings of various trees around where I live. As mentioned in the title, I'm quite the novice so any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
The set up I have is a 24 way divided greenhouse container purchased from my local hardware store (see pics). I'm trying to grow several jacaranda cuttings and a few other trees that look like some fig species (could be entirely wrong here). Until now, I've just followed some basic cutting instructions from online, but after a hit rate of 0% after my first batch I assumed I was doing something. I'm living in Sydney where it is currently Spring. Some questions:

- Moisture levels: I have been planting the cuttings in a mix of vermiculite and purlite (soil-less mixes were suggested) which I give a spray over before and after planting the cuttings. The first attempt was left in some direct sunlight which I believe basically steamed the whole lot. Second time around, I have kept out of direct sunlight but still exposed to bright light. Should I be leaving the ventilation slots open? closed? half and half?

Actual Cuttings: I have been removing all but around 2 or 3 leaves from the cuttings I take, whilst cutting the remaining leaves in half or thereabouts. A few cuttings appear to lose their leaf stems after a couple of days to a week. Is this the correct procedure?

Mold/barking: I've attached photos of some white fluff that appears on a few of the cuttings. I've read this could be a process called 'barking' whilst others assume it to be mold. Should I expect this and if not, how should i remove?

Blackened Tips: The ends of some cuttings appear to darken in colour, almost blackening after a few days as well. I'm assuming the tips are dying off here but I'm not entirely sure. Does this mean I'm leaving too many leaves on the cutting?


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