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Tide whites+brights rescue booster pods vs tide odor rescue pods

7 years ago

I always use a booster on my whites and occasionally on extra dirty/sweaty synthetic clothing loads (think workout clothing). I love the whitening power that takes clothes to the next level of blinding white, love the extra power of stain removal (I have 2 messy kids that wear white, among other colors, uniform polos to school with light khaki pants/shorts/skirts). The booster that I love, and is of course the most expensive is the tide whites+brights rescue pods, formerly known as tide boost w bleach. These things work! I mean really work! I'm curious about the odor rescue pods. The store I was in today was out of them. I'm wondering if the ingredients are the same. I know someone here uses them. I cannot seem to find an msds or ingredient list for them online.

If anyone has a bag around, please compare for me though I suppose the %"s of things I.e. Oxygen based bleach could be different yet not say on the package. I need to find that msds! Other boosters I have tried and liked:
sorry shelves are dirty my washer/dryer is located in an outdoor area that shares lawn equipment storage and catches our salty air ( I live close to the ocean)!

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