Need advice on metal roof choice regarding screws

5 years ago

Originally we were told a cement tile roof was a lot cheaper than a metal roof.

Yesterday when meeting with the gentleman who specs everything for the roof and windows for the builder, he told us a 5-V galvalume metal roof would be the same price as the flat cement tiles we were planning on. This thrilled us because we're not in love with our cement tile choices.

So now we definitely want to have a metal roof. It's lighter weight, plus it's better in terms of heat deflection in the hot FL sun.

However, he wrote me back this morning to say this:

"We have 1 problem, It"s the screws on the bottom edge of the metal roof sheet, which will come through the roof sheathing (Plywood) and will be seen under the roof, in the soffit area."

Our roof has open eaves with rafter tails to recreate a craftsman/bungalow look. (See drawing).

My question to those who are more knowledgable than myself, is there a way to do a 5-V roof with the rafter tails and not see the roofing screws underneath?

We really do want to go with the metal roof and a standing seam roof definitely is out of our budget.

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