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Argh!! Tree trimmers knocked my plants off the balcony.

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

The tree trimmers knocked several plants (and bird feeders) off the balcony railing this morning. I'm heart sick. Many are easily replaced, but my white aloe, possibly 'Doran Black' won't outgrow the damage for years (growing season is so short here). It's only ever lost 1-2 leaves in the years I've had it, and now at least a dozen are broken or snapped off. It looks like hell. It was just beginning to flower, too. At least the Aloe 'Christmas Carol' only lost a few leaf tips (it's my favorite), and the others plants can be replaced. Here is my poor, sad Aloe.

Not even the pups escaped injury.

It also broke the roots and stem of my Aloe variegata, and smashed several Echeveria, but the latter were all small plants or recent purchases that they can replace- which I'm sure they'll do. This Aloe 'Doran Black' (or whatever) is one I rescued and grew from a sick little, light-starved, starfish-looking rosette of about 5 leaves a few years ago. It was doing so well and I was so happy with it! :-/. If the apartment caught on fire, it's one of have grabbed on my way out. So sad.

They also robbed the hummingbirds of their last real nectar before winter, and I'll have to wait yet another season for seeds. Grrrr.

Seems I needed to vent.

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