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15 year old house: recarpet bedrooms or place hardwood?

Kristin25 Lilg
7 years ago

We have lived in our house for 15 years and the carpet (a frieze) will need replacing. It's a large house and now we are empty nesters. As it stands, we would like to remain in the house, however the four upstairs bedrooms need to have the carpet replaced. And with an eye towards resale, just in case our work situation changes, we'd like to replace it with something that would appeal to the majority of buyers.

So, I'm wondering what the current thought on carpet vs. hardwood is? We have hardwood throughout the main floor of the house and in the hallways. I'd like to start a newer discussion on hardwood vs. carpet in bedrooms. Hardwood is a significant expense and I am not sure we would get a return on investment for it in these now rarely used rooms.

If anyone has carpet preferences in color or type for resale, I'd be interested in hearing what's available in 2016.

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