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New Hardwood over Old Hardwood?

Our house was built in 1938. The dining room (117 square feet) has a wooden subfloor....hardwood...then 2 layers of vinyl. The bottom layer of vinyl looks old enough to likely have asbestos. I was going to have the vinyl ripped out and Hardwood refinished, but I am thinking it may look pretty bad after potentially 55-80 years of vinyl glue (and one floor finisher, over the phone, said it may not be possible to get the glue off after it being down so long). I ripped out a small section to look, and the oldest vinyl is VERY stuck to the wood. :( It would likely require major scraping to get it up.

Therefore, we are considering having new hardwood put over the old. Stinks about not using original wood, but I honestly am not excited to deal with dust right now, either....we will have enough fun with the kitchen remodel. :)

I know the preference is to rip out the old hardwood, but I would rather just have new put on top (especially due to possible asbestos--one is not supposed to mess with it when possible). We have only open doorways going into the dining room (no doors). We can work out a transition far as height goes to the living room (transition to kitchen not an issue due to ceramic tile in there). We know it has to go in perpendicular to the old wood, and that is fine. The floor does not squeak.

How bad would it be to install new over old? I am especially interested in people who have gone through a similar situation and how it turned out, though I welcome other opinions, too. :)

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