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How much damage to floors is acceptable during a remodel?

Michael Lamb
6 years ago

I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen, currently the cabinets are being installed and set. The appliances were just delivered yesterday, but only the fridge is in place.

This is a complete remodel, a wall was removed, floors replaced, things relocated, etc. I hired a contractor to manage and sub out all the work. The wood flooring we chose is an engineered hardwood, Triangulo 3/8" thick Brazilian chocolate pecan. Its got a hardness rating of like 3500 on the joba scale?
After the flooring crew installed the hardwood floors, they took the cardboard boxes that the hardwood came in and flattened them and laid them out over the floor to protect the new floor during the rest of the remodeling process.

I cleaned up the job site last night with my shopvac, and I discovered that we already have some damage to our newly laid floor. Several areas have marks where you can tell something heavy was put on the floor and dragged a short distance, leaving a dent that you can see and feel. These go across multiple boards. The cardboard protected the surface from being scratched away and showing the unstained wood underneath.
If these were located under the dishwasher or fridge, or some other non visible area, I would not be bothered by it. But these are in the center of the kitchen floor.

My previous floor was also wood, and these things happened to it too, but it was over time, and it was my fault.
Is it unreasonable to expect that damage will not occur to your floor during a renovation? What amount of damage is reasonable? What should I expect of the contractor? I have not mentioned this to my contractor yet, looking to see what others think/experienced before I bring it up. I am a very detail/quality oriented person and I realize not everyone is that way.

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